Friday, August 19, 2011


I asked the Mediterranean Garden Society about the lovely caterpillar in my garden and they sent me a picture of the butterfly it will become. After that I saw a lot of these butterflies in the garden en finally managed to get a picture of one. Wasn't easy, would this butterfly sit quiet for a moment...!
The caterpillar especially likes dill and ruta, which I have both in the garden. I have enough dill, so they can eat as much as they like.

The vegetable garden isn't doing so well as I expected. The temperatures are too hot. For nearly two month it hasn't gone down from 33 degrees, and mostly it is 35-40! The courgettes and beetroots are doing great. While I thought that beetroots are a winter vegetable and wouldn't florish in summer! The cucumbers did great for the first month, but now they became all yellow and I had to take the plants out. The rest is surviving, but doesn't give much fruit. Luckily the days are becoming shorter, so the plants recover more during the night.

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