Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Beach bags

Yesterday evening it rained! The first evening in two months that I didn't have to water the garden. It is still hot, though, and very humid. But for the plants it was great.
In the morning I went to the farmer's market. Besides the vegetables, they have now also a stand with second hand duvet covers, sheets and curtains. It's very good quality cotton and some lovely old-fashioned designs.  So, I bought a few to cut up for my patchwork. I love vintage materials and look for them everywhere. Here in Greece I still find some shops who have old stock. I also recycle fabrics and cut pieces from shirts, dresses and whatever cotton I can lay my hands on.
I made a few beach bags. A bit late in the season because the summer is half gone, but I was busy making other stuff before. Summers here are long, so there is still enough time to go to the beach with a nice bag.
This patchwork one is big enough for what two people want to take to the beach.

This vintage material I found in an old shop in Areopolis, in Mani.

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