The re-use of fabric for Christmas projects

Together with the women from the Quilting Bee Sparta, I have made a lot of Christmas ornaments, mug rugs, table runners, cushions, and the good thing is that I haven't bought any fabric. I just used scraps, small ones and bigger pieces; left overs from previous years. 

The pale yellow square is from a very old curtain, with some holes in it. But...there were enough good parts to use for the inner part of the placemats. The lovely Christmas fabric around it was a gift, donated to us a few years ago. It is difficult fabric to use for patchwork because it has already a "patchwork" pattern from itself. But I think that it worked perfect for these placemats. The English Paper Pieced star is from hand-dyed cotton. 

The winner from this year is a vintage tablecloth, a big round one. We have made EPP stars, wreaths, hearts and these mug rugs from it. There were a lot of stains and the "gold" color from the bells and stars had run when washing, forming dirty pieces. First I though they were all tea stains, but then I realized that it was the dye that had run. So, the cutting of the pieces was quite a challenge.

More mug rugs, made from another table cloth and from scraps. I love mug rugs, always use them next to my laptop when I am working. They fit my cup and my glass of water. I didn't drink much water, but I know we are supposed to drink at least 8 glasses a day, so when I see the glass next to me, I drink!!! 

In the garden all the leaves are falling, it is going quick now! The stray cats are looking for higher spots to sit. The earth is rather humid and cold.

The leaves of the Lagerstroemia turned a beautiful dark red. In a week or so the tree will be naked and winter has arrived!!


  1. Dearest Ada,
    Those placemats are genially created!
    Mug rugs are practical and indeed we all ought to drink lots of water.
    So sad for seeing stray kitties... WHY do people not spay or neuter them for preventing this problem?
    Our kitties live a nice and sheltered life with us.
    This week, most of the leaves came down here!
    Was too late for capturing our red maple due to waiting for a sunny day after rain... But they were down already and that in two days.

    1. Hi Mariette, Greece has unfortunately a lot of stray cats. I have one cat inside the house, neutered and vaccinated. Years ago I neutered 2 stray cats, they were very nice cats. The thing that happened though, is that the other stray cats chased them away and the unneutered cats are much stronger . So I stopped doing that.

  2. Πολύ όμορφες όλες οι δημιουργίες! Μπράβο!

  3. I love the placemats! So cosy!

  4. Lovely creations you have made out of those old tablecloths and other vintage fabrics. I also do this with my mother's old tablecloths! The mug rugs are so pretty!!!

    1. Thank you Marie-Anne. You make very nice upcycled items!!


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