Sunday, June 4, 2017

Busy, busy bee!!

May was an extremely busy month for me. Of course I finished the little cat quilts, I mentioned in the previous post.

Aren't they sweet !!

I also made a baby quilt, 20"x25", a tiny one for a baby basket, stroller or to use over a car seat. The girl who ordered it liked it as a baptism present. Now that the summer started there will be lots of baptisms in the Orthodox Churches in Greece.  These little quilts are nice presents.

 Our grandson got baptized last Sunday. Though it is supposed to be summer in Greece, and at the moment it is sunny and 30 degrees, on the Sunday of the baptism it was raining, raining and again raining!! Our clothes weren't exactly suitable for rain, but we all survived and nobody got sick!! Hurray !!. So, Petros got his name! The happy parents, finally ready to relax at the taverna.

My other daughter, her husband and other family came over from the States for the occasion. They came to Sparta for a few days before they enjoyed their vacation in Mykonos. 
A lot of traveling happened this month! Alex & Alex  (above) went to a congress in Amsterdam 3 weeks ago and I went up to Athens to babysit. 
Busy, busy,  busy! 

We had a few Quilting Bee meetings and are progressing with our star quilt. The top is nearly finished. Our next one, here on the design wall, is ready to be quilted and there are two other ones to work on!

 I walk every day to work and take my laptop with me. Best thing to carry it, is a backpack. I designed it just the size I wanted and I don't feel the weight when walking. Great!!

My friend and partner Barbara started to make some lovely beads from fabric. 

We are still in our start-up phase and  haven't started teaching yet, but it is lovely to be able to work in such a nice space.

I always intend to write more often. Maybe next time I will manage to do so!


Barbara Argyropoulou-Brinkman said...

Leuk geschreven Ada! en mooie foto's...

Annie Kingma.Bonnema said...

Gezellig logje, en mooie werken
Groetnis Annie

Mia said...

I love everything, Ada. I love your cat quilt, your bunny and your backpack. I am glad you came to my country, I live in Greece. It is 30 degrees all this week. It is a pitty that it was raining while the baptism of your baby. Let's hope that one day I will come to US, too.

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Ada,
Congrets on the Baptism of Petros!
How special to have family together from different continents.
Happy times, however busy it might be for organizing this.
So good to read that you are busy, busy and that things are taking off on the right foot.
Don't worry about blogging; first things first!
Sending you hugs, also to your partner Barbara.

antigone_marcelena Sdr. said...

I love your workspace!!! It is a quilter's dream... congratulations on the christening of Petros (such a lovely name). I am sure the rain didn't spoil your joy and overall mood of the day, although I have to admit that it may get on one's nerves... The quilts up on the wall look great, I do admire you all for having the patience to undergo such a big and time consuming project, even if there are many involved in it...I think this makes it even more complicated... Have a good time on today's Bank Holiday and a great week.


What a busy month Ada. Also very happy!!!!

Kristine Pappas said...

love your posts;) living vicariously through them. much more enjoyable than doing the work myself. hahahaha

Marie-Anne said...

Να σας ζήσει ο εγγονούλης σας, Αντα! Καλοφώτιστος ο μικρούλης Πέτρος! (αγαπημένο όνομα στην οικογένειά μας - παππούς, αδελφός, ξαδέλφια ). Πάντα θαυμάζω όλα τα ωραία που ράβεις! Καλή συνέχεια!

lien said...

Wat jammer dat het regende tijdens de doop. Hopelijk was het toch een mooie dag. De baby quilt is prachtig geworden!!!!

Karen said...

The cat mini quilt design is cute as can be.

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