Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A new year

I see lots of changes in this upcoming year. My patchwork and quilting hobby will become a more professional project. I am busy with the paperwork to let this happen. More over this in my next post.

Having a first grandchild I am still in a baby projects mood.

I made this Sugar Bunny from  a pattern in the book Pretty Patchwork Gifts from Helen Philipps. Isn't she cute?? I am going to make another one a bit bigger and it will be a "he". I will make him some trousers. He is not going to be taller because he is male, but just because the bunny is tiny as you can see here!!!!

 The background is a wall hanging/bed decoration panel that I just finished. The pattern is called Be My Neighbor

 The pattern before it was quilted.

 You can  make the whole quilt and maybe I am going to do that  one time, but for now I just made a few blocks.First I wanted to make 4, but it became too much, so I ended up with 3.

 The weather in Greece is unusually cold with snow and freezing temperatures. The northern mainland and a lot of the islands have a lot of snow. We, in the south are a bit better off. But....surprise! This morning also Sparta was white! After about 20 years again snow in the garden!!



  1. Mooie huizen en het konijn is ook heel lief.
    hoorde op TV van het koude weer bij jullie
    Groetnis Annie

  2. Hi Aida just pop over from Helen blog thats where i saw your post. I love what you have made.The bunny is gorgeous. The wall hanging looks very interesting. I have both of her books I'm steading working my way though them. I've do e the star quilt with hand dye fabrics now I'm making hexagons at the moment. Hope your weather sorts itself out.

  3. Sugar Bunny and your Be My Neighbour blocks are sweet. I will have to check out that pattern as I like it very much. Love the brights you have used in your fabrics. Happy Stitching!

  4. Je konijntje is heel schattig en je quilt
    is echt prachtig ...heel veel groetjes

  5. Both the sugar bunny and the wall hanging are beautiful! And what a lovely view of your garden under the snow!!!
    In our area, the snow had already melted by this morning, but we still had the pleasure to have it even for a while! Looking forward to reading your good news!

  6. I love the little houses! What a great idea breaking up the pattern and picking certain blocks! The colors are fabulous!