Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Red and white and Christmas

Time to start getting ready for Christmas! I took my suitcase with fabric and patchwork Christmas runners, cushions etc. from the closet and did a stock-in-trade. I could do with some more new stuff and of course I want to make some gifts. 
As I am working, at the moment, on my house quilt, I realized it also has a Christmas house in it. This one is made by Eleni Gioka.

I myself, also made some Christmas scenes which I sent to my fellow QAL-ers. 


 As Eleni choose for a red Christmas, I decided on the snowy one because I had this white fabric with the stars (used to be a curtain!) and the beige flowers (was once a duvet cover!). As a good Dutch girl I couldn't resist to put the ice skating couple in. We made this houses last year. Time to start something new.

 The easy and quick projects first; some mug rugs. Made three red ones.

That's it for the moment. Time to get cracking!!!

This could be a Christmas star, but it isn't! 

I made this for a new project from the Hellenic Patchwork Guild. They plan to hang a nice red-and-white quilt in their office and asked the members to participate in this new QAL. So I did. It just happens to be a star, probably inspired by the season or by the fact that our Spartan Quilting Bee is making a English Paper Pieced star quilt. 
Now quickly back to my quilting. The weather is very cold for here with icy rain. Nothing better to sit inside and do some sewing!!


  1. Nice and joyful christmas and snowy projects !:o))
    Good luck and pleasure quilting moments wishes :o))

  2. Wat een schattige huisjes en andere kerst projectjes. En de ster voor jullie Guild is prachtig., dat zal een mooie quilt worden in rood en wit!
    Naai ze, bij ons is het wel koud, maar we hebben veel zon, heerlijk!
    Groetjes, Cisca

  3. Heel mooie en vrolijke kerst werkjes.
    Succes met je quiltwerk
    Groetnis Annie

  4. Wat een mooie huisjes en kerstwerkjes. Ziet er erg gezellig uit allemaal.

  5. Καλό μήνα Άντα.
    Πολύ όμορφα τα Χριστουγεννιάτικα σου.
    Είμαι σε καλό δρόμο για να αρχίσω κι εγώ.
    Όπως λες,τώρα που κάνει κρύο είναι καιρός να κάτσουμε μέσα και να δημιουργήσουμε.
    Να είσαι καλά.

  6. Your crafts are simply amazing Ada!Especially those festive ones!Stay warm and cozy because it's freezing cold outside! May you and your family have a wonderful countdown to Christmas.

  7. Just love these small pieces. And your house quilt is absolutely gorgeous!What beautiful stitching.

  8. Red and white, my favourite colours for Christmas! I love what you made!

  9. Dearest Ada,
    Lovely work and you seem to be really in the mood for it!
    Sure, cold weather does help a lot for craving to craft indoors.
    Here we had still 26 Celsius but now it is cooling down and I just saw that Thursday will be -2 C.
    Yes, it is December. So far I've done 3 performances with my newly joined (August) choir and I enjoy it very much. Hard work to learn all the music, words and passes for dancing (on some of them...!).
    Still not found time for my new big project of crocheting but I will start soon making new curtains for our Veranda. After the 16th, no more performances...
    Sending you hugs and enjoy your beautiful quilting.

  10. Love each your projects and the house "YUMMY"!!All your quilting work is wonderful. Hug'so, Carolyn

  11. Love each your projects and the house "YUMMY"!!All your quilting work is wonderful. Hug'so, Carolyn