Sunday, June 19, 2016

Here we go again!

Long time no see! I was just too busy with other things. My eldest daughter got married about a month ago, one week after the Greek Easter, which is a big celebration. So, the wedding guests from abroad came for the Easter celebration in Sparta, then went to Athens for the wedding and most of them continued to have a beach holiday on one of the islands. 


 The happy couple!

Mother and daughter

It was a lovely time with family and friends, but, I must say, I was a bit tired after all the celebrations. We skipped the quilt group for one month, but we have had already 2 meetings again and the quilts are progressing. We basted two of them last week. Unfortunately my camera broke  down, and I still have an old-fashioned cellphone, which doesn't make proper pictures, so I can't show any of it. 
I am thinking now of buying a new camera or an I-phone. I am not sure yet.

At the moment I am in Athens, during a heat wave, over 40 degrees Celcius!! 
No good to go outside; time for inside jobs, like blogging!!!!
Left my husband in Sparta, taking care of the garden.A lot of watering to do, which I hope he will manage in-between the soccer matches on tv!!     


  1. Lovely photos of the bride, groom and mother.

  2. Hi Ada!
    I didn't t know that your daughter got married!
    Congratulations! I wish them a very happy life together!
    I just opened up Google+ and I read it. Lovely photos!
    Lots of love,

  3. Gefeliciteerd met je dochters trouwen.
    Mooie foto's
    Groetnis Annie

  4. Nog gefeliciteerd met het huwelijk van je dochter Ada, wat een leuke foto van jullie samen.
    Hier geen 40 gr. maar veel regen- en onweersbuien, ook goed om binnen te zitten en ook mijn man zit nu weer bij het voetbal, reden voor mij om te gaan computeren.
    Groetjes, Janneke

  5. Van harte gefeliciteerd ....Να σας ζήσουν οι νεόνυμφοι !!!
    ik wens je een fijne week toe ..

  6. Dearest Ada,
    Congrats with the wedding of your daughter.
    Indeed, a very busy time and yes, we also have to admit that we're no longer 25 and we do get tired earlier!
    But you seem to enjoy yourself and I wish you a happy summer.
    Here too we're getting very hot days in July and August... Don't like those 40s too much but for that we have 9 pleasant months and hardly any winter.

  7. Zo lief die foto van het bruidspaar, en zeker ook die van je dochter en jou samen! Niet te geloven dat het bij jullie zo enorm warm is. Hier regent het al dagen en voor de verandering heb ik net een grote pan goulash gekookt, dat past wel bij dat herfstige weer ;o)

  8. Gefeliciteerd met je dochter! Wat een mooi stel. En leuk die foto van jou met haar! Ik ben trouwens zelf ook in Griekenland getrouwd :)