Thursday, February 4, 2016

Quilting Bee update

It is about time to show you what we are up to in our Quilting Bee. Our latest project is a Magic Vine quilt. We used the applique patterns from Eleanor Burns' book. Each of our members appliqued 3 blocks, all with the technique they liked most or wanted to have a go at. 

Doesn't it look lovely !! We progressed a bit since this picture is taken and have the 3 vertical rows all ready sewn. In our next meeting we will finish the top and can start the basting. 

And.. we did a lot more, that is to say, some members really did great jobs at home. Potoula Andreakou made this lovely baby quilt, ready to find a good home.


As we are talking about babies, Maria Kalamara made quite a few bibs. We are planning to have a sale to collect some money to add to the quilts we are donating. Lots of people live under the poverty level and are in desperate need of money. A few of the bibs.

Maria also finished all the blocks of this project. An enormous job! Now we have to sew them all together.  

 Other members are also working at home for our sales project. They made and are making hot pads, placemats, tote bags, bags to store plastic bags and so on. I don't have pictures yet. 

Pitsa Lambrinou finished this quilt. She did most of the quilting and the bias. I don't have a picture yet of the finished quilt. It is gorgeous, and I will show it in a next post. Katerina Exomanidi drawing the border quilt pattern.

 Busy, busy bees !!!



  1. Wat een mooie projecten.
    De bovenste bloemenlap vind ik mooi en het babyquiltje en de slabbetjes zijn prachtig.
    Wat een mooi idee zit daar echter!
    Veel succes!

    Liefs, Gerry

  2. Please let me know when and where the sale is to be
    I might not be able to make it but might send a representive

  3. wow! Great job from your quilting bee!!! You are a true inspiration :)

  4. So many pretty, happy things here! I love the appliqué flowers and the cute baby items.

  5. Heel mooi werk allemaal
    Baby spullen zijn ook zo lief.
    Groetnis Annie

  6. Such a busy quilting bee, well done! You are all making so many things at the same time, truly stunning work!

  7. A very busy quilting bee indeed!!
    So many lovely creations!!!
    Congratulations, both for your work and for your donations!

  8. Wat heb je veel moois gemaakt! De slabjes zijn enig. En leuk om te horen dat je de Griekse thee kent! Fijn weekend!

  9. Wat een mooie dingen laat je zien. Het is hier genieten.

  10. Dearest Ada,
    That looks like a very industrious group of ladies giving their very best and as we call it here: 'Labor of Love'.
    Love the baby quilt and also the cute bibs; those are practical things too.
    And that big quilt is quite a challenge.

  11. Congratulation for your wonderful creations!!!!!!!!!!!!