Thursday, December 10, 2015

Colours, so warm, so cosy

It's raining, an excellent day to write a blog. It's about time, isn't it?? How time passes! We had a beautiful autumn, lovely weather. What I  miss in this area are the woods that change colour, this yellow/orange/red beauty. But I'm not complaining! There are lots of other beautiful scenes over here. And the weather is unbelievable. It makes you happy, even in difficult times.
This autumn, though, I was surrounded by yellow/orange/brown colours!

I was making a quilt, cushion, table runner and cushions for kitchen chairs for a friend of mine. It was again a bit difficult to get the fabrics. Thanks to the secondhand stores I managed. Funny detail is that I had bought a big pillow cover in orange/rust. Enough for the log cabin, but I needed more for the border. Told that to one of my quilter buddies, who answered that she thought she had some fabric that would match. It so happened that she had bought the duvet cover that went with my pillowcase.!!! Oh, I'm such a lucky girl!

For the cushion and the table runner my friend selected a Dresden plate pattern,  it turned  out great.

I must say, that it took me a long while to finish my friend's order. First to find the fabrics, then the extreme heat this summer that made it nearly impossible to do the hand quilting. And...she had to wait till I finished the blue quilt. But, in the end, she got it before the weather changed. Fortunately for me, that was late this year!!!

I really love this colours, so warm and cosy 

Not only the fabrics surrounded me but also the Lagerstroemia in my garden, which has beautiful pink flowers in summer and changes colour !!

Here together with the Abutilon, lovely red flowers


  1. Dit zijn prachtige herfstkleuren en wat een mooie dingen heb je gemaakt voor je vrienden. Prachtige kleuren en patronen!
    Jammer dat je nog steeds zo slecht aan stoffen kunt komen.
    Ik wens je een mooie decembermaand nog!

    Liefs, Gerry

  2. The autumn colour quilt, runner and cushion cover which you made are beautiful.
    I love the orange/ yellow /red autumn colours so enjoy seeing the photos of your garden also

  3. Heerlijk die warme herfstkleuren van quilt en kussens in combinatie met het verkleurende blad buiten.
    Fijn weekend,

  4. These are beautiful projects, Ada. The creative search for fabrics make them even more special.

  5. The whole set is lovely, and the colours so very pleasant!!!I am sure your friend will enjoy them very much!

  6. Dearest Ada,
    Well, your warm autumn colors on the beautiful quilting I like much more than the ones in nature as they last but a few days. We had our golden maple looking quite stunning in all gold. Next day heavy rain and all went down... before I even could take a photo! It all goes way too fast...
    Sunday we will have 27ºC and all week it has been lovely. That's what I LOVE most.
    Your colors in the garden look very attractive, and I also saw some palm fronds.
    Sending you hugs,

  7. Oh! I really love this colours too!! so warm !!! You did a great job - amazing! Have a nice, creative weekend :)

  8. Love the orange and Fall colors! Such a warm cuddly looking quilt! Happy Holidays!

  9. Άντα μου είναι όλα καταπληκτικά τα χρώματα τα σχέδια όλα υπέροχα!!!!Μπράβο πολύ όμορφη δουλειά!!!Φιλάκια!!!

  10. Good Morning Ada, Your friend must be over the moon with the cushion and the quilt which you have made for her and how wonderful that another friend had the matching quilt to your pillowslips.
    I love Autumnal colours, although here in England it is one of those dull grey days which we come to expect from winter.
    Abutilon is a lovely tree and so pretty. I love the shape of the flowers.
    Best wishes

  11. Wat mooi die herfstkleuren die ook weer terugkomen in de foto's die je hebt geplaatst! Fijne feestdagen en bedankt voor al je lieve reacties het afgelopen jaar!