Friday, August 7, 2015

My Greek, Dutch summer

A long lasting heatwave is supposed to end these days. I must say that there is a cool breeze blowing since yesterday! One of the nice and beautiful things Sparta has, is an open air theater. In the summer months we have plays and concerts and lots of people go. You look at the, not so distant, mountains, with the lights of small villages, very serene, relaxing.

The theater is much more steep than the picture shows. This one was taken a few weeks ago, when I was attending a concert given by the Spartan Philharmonic Band, which was playing music from the Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis. 

But... I'm leaving Greece again for a week or two and are travelling to Holland, to pay my last respects to a very good friend, to see other friends and get a bit nostalgic !! When you live for 38 years abroad, this always happens !!

This picture was taken outside De Voetangel, a lovely restaurant outside of Ouderkerk a/d Amstel. What is more Dutch than a canal ! This time I might even go to the sea, so I need to take a beach bag with me. This is the one I choose.

I also want to make a round one for myself, like the one below. Maybe when I come back, because this one is going again to a Spartan friend, who stays and works the summers on the lovely island of Kythira.


  1. Welkom in ons land, Ada!
    Ik hoop dat je een mooie tijd hebt.
    En je tassen zijn prachtig!

    Liefs, Gerry

  2. Have a good trip home. I hope you see the sea by Holland. How does it vary from the Mediterranean?

  3. Je neemt een prachtige strandtas mee naar ons land Ada, en je zult hem kunnen gebruiken want ook wij hebben voortdurend prachtig weer, best warm soms maar gelukkig niet zo warm als in Griekenland.
    Ik zou zeggen welkom in ons niet zo koude kikkerlandje, en een fijne tijd toegewenst!

  4. Dearest Ada,
    Yes, we know that feeling... for us it is 32 years as immigrants the end of this month. Time is ticking fast.
    You are lucky for having to travel only a couple of hours!
    Would have enjoyed that Spartan Philharmonic Band in the open air. What a blessing for being able to.
    We had such a severe thunderstorm today with an enormous down pour. My PC was out for about 4 hours, could not restart it but it's working again. Quite a scare!
    Sending you hugs.

  5. Veel plezier in Nederland Ada geniet er maar van ...

  6. I am glad some events did take place in the open air theatre this summer. I had heard that most were cancelled.
    I enjoy hearing about your trips to Holland