Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter

My Easter decorations aren't up yet, but I still have a week. The Orthodox Easter, which is celebrated in Greece, is next weekend. I managed, though, to make two wall hangings with Easter bunnies. And... I got a big surprise a few days ago when I suddenly spotted two real bunnies in my garden!!!

Aren't they cute??? Happily my vegetable garden is empty, waiting to start digging and planting summer veggies. Luckily for the rabbits, I still have loads of weeds and they really enjoyed the meal. They even came back the next day! But then the neighbour who owned them caught them and put them behind bars! 

I saw this lovely cup in the supermarket, bought it and made a mug rug to go with it. Nice as a present.

One of the houses I made for the QAL finally reached the addressee 

Can't remember if it was this one or  the one below !!!

Unfortunately I have to make another one for Pelly, because her's never reached Thessaloniki. I have a picture, though, of the missing house.

I so liked the car in the garage !

I wish you all a very happy Easter with lovely spring, or autumn weather!


  1. Fijne paasdagen vanuit een koud Zweden

  2. Have a good Holly Week dear Ada and a blessed Easter!
    Your creations are wonderful indeed!

  3. Beautiful work! Happy Easter! Anneli

  4. Fijne Paasdagen.
    Mooie quiltjes met de paas hazen
    Groetnis Annie

  5. Zo schattig die twee hangende quiltjes met de konijntjes en dan de echte konijnen in je tuin, gelukkig waren ze van de buren en zijn ze weer terug. Gisteren zag ik hier in de tuin nog een wild konijn, o zo schattig, maar minder voor de tuin.
    Fijne tweede Paasdag, o nee jullie hebben het volgende week.
    Groetjes, Janneke

  6. Wat zijn de quiltjes leuk en mooi.Fijne Pasen.

  7. Dearest Ada,
    What a lovely photo with those bunnies in your garden; snacking on the weeds! Too bad they got imprisoned again...
    What a lovely work and how said when some never arrived in the mail. Some people cannot be trusted; sadly so!
    Wishing you a very special Holy Week and as happy an Easter as we just had.