Sunday, August 10, 2014

Beach and Caretta-caretta

It is going to be hot again today and the next few days, 36 degrees Celcius with no wind, so a  bit suffocating. Thank God for technology! We can put on the airco upstairs and in the basement, where I kind of live, (with my sewing machine, fabrics magazines, books etc.etc.) it is cool, especially with the fan on. Excellent weather for the beach! 

Reading at Petalea Beach, in Mavrovouni, near Gytheion. The sticks in front mark turtle eggs. The big Caretta Caretta leaves its eggs all over this beach, as on many other beaches in Greece. The little ones come out at full moon and wobble to the sea. There are lots of volunteer turtle watchers. First to put protection around the eggs and, when the babies have to find their way to the water, there shouldn't be other light sources to distract them. The volunteers look into that too. 

Of course I am going to the beach with one of my patchwork beach bags.

I am planning to go more often to the beach this year. Last year I didn't go at all! And it is so relaxing! The second time I went I took this bag with me, together with the Boutari pareo. I love this one, because it has a real Greek island scene and because blue is my sea colour!

My daughter Alexandra choose the bag I just finished last week. She loves the colour and the pattern.

Two post ago I showed you the cushion one of my students was working on. Well, she finished it and this is the result. Good work Eleni!

Time for me to get back to work. Have a few I-phone covers to make and started a garden quilt. That will keep me busy for quite a while!


  1. Het lijkt me heerlijk aan zee als het 36 gr. is, maar ook hier, het komt er gewoon niet van terwijl het slechts 20 minuten rijden hier vandaan is. Heerlijk als het buiten te warm is om binnen bij de airco leuke spulletjes te fabriceren. Je blauwe strandtas is super mooi en ik ben benieuwd hoe je tuinquilt gaat worden.

  2. Τι ωραίες τσάντες φτιάχνεις !!!
    Μπράβο κάνεις εξαιρετική δουλειά !!!!
    Ευτυχώς που υπάρχουν και αυτοί που προστατεύουν τα αυγά και τα μικρά χελωνάκια να επιζήσουν !!! Απόλαυσε τη θάλασσα όσο μπορείς !!!!!

  3. All your bags are gorgeous, Ada! and Eleni's cushion is very sweet!
    Enjoy your summer!!!

  4. Wat zijn je tassen weer prachtig. Ada!
    En je gaat warme dagen tegemoet. Gelukkig dat je dan nog wat verkoeling kunt zoeken in je huis.
    En aan zee is natuurlijk ook een lekker plaatsje.
    Ben benieuwd wat voor nieuwe quilt je opzet!

    Liefs, Gerry

  5. Het strand is een vakantie plaatje voor ons.
    Je tassen zijn mooi en leuk
    Groetnis Annie

  6. Dearest Ada,
    Great idea to mark those spots where the turtle eggs are buried!
    You have great totes to select from and yes, it is very relaxing but often we don't take out the time to really enjoy time off!
    Enjoy the remainder of summer; know what you talk about that high humidity and wind still heat... We got airconditioning in the entire home but outside you get soaking wet. Great to have a shower.

  7. Gelukkig is die warmte hier weg, en we hebben regen heerlijk, want 36gr was me toch iets te warm, Mooi je tassen en je kussen
    Groetjes uit Zweden

  8. You have made such beautiful bags to enjoy at your beautiful beach! I'm glad to hear that the turtles are protected by the volunteers.

  9. Glad you got to the beach this year.
    I love the patchwork bags and the cushion cover which was made by one of your pupils.