Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Kaffe Fassett, wall hangings, cushions

Last year a very good friend in Holland sent me Kaffe Fasset strips for my birthday. I was over the moon, because it is very difficult to get nice cotton fabrics in Greece. Besides, I love his colours and patterns. 
My daughter in America bought me his Autobiography as a Christmas present. This is really a beautiful and interesting book. Very inspiring!!! So at this moment I am all in the Fassett mood!

It took me some time to decide what I was going to do with the fabric. I wanted to make a wall hanging for above my couch in the living room and thought that the colours would be great for this purpose.
Now, I am not entirely satisfied with this. I didn't quilt the pieces and they are a tiny bit sagging. Also I need something a bit bigger there. I live in an old stone house, where the ceilings are very high. So, I got an idea!!
I wil make another greenish piece from fabrics in my stock, which will be as long as the two panels, but very short. This piece will go under the two panels. I am going to quilt a flower on each panel and on the green piece I will quilt lines, suggesting grass.

Because I had a lot of fabric, I also made two cushions. This ones I quilted in the ditch.

Last week we had some beautiful sunny and hot days, even with a midday temperature of 26 degrees Celsius. What is nicer than to sit in the garden, doing the quilting on the first days of spring?? Am I not a lucky girl!!!

The little pink flowers in the background are called Τσιντονιά in Greek. They belong to the Chaenomeles family. This shrub is very common in my area. And the flowers are lovely. 

Yes.... spring is coming!!


Marie said...

Αχ πολύ όμορφη ανάρτηση!!!! Τι ωραία χρώματα όλα!!! Καλή συνέχεια Άντα μου!

Marie-Anne said...

I did not know of Kaffe Fasset, and I am just back for his official website. Your panels and cushions are so lovely!!! I am sure with the green addition and the flowers and grass, you will make a piece of art!!
I will look forward to admire it!!
Good evening, dear Ada!!!

Anonymous said...

Wat een heerlijke temperaturen al dat je lekker buiten kunt zitten quilten.
Wat een mooie stofjes Ada!
En een prachtige bloesem!

Liefs, Gerry

Janneke said...

Super mooie stofjes, daar kun je weer heerlijk creatief mee aan de gang, aan ideeën ontbreekt het je niet. En dan die heerlijke warmte, lijkt me zo fijn in het voorjaar. Hoewel, wij hebben ook geen klagen met maar liefst 14 gr. vanmiddag.

nieneke nia said...

ja hoor ..de lente komt er aan ...
wat een mooie ceaties ...mooie stofjes en ook mooie kleuren ...

Maria Z. said...

I really looove them all, the red cushion is probably my favourite and I think your idea with the green wall hanging will work just great!!! You are a lucky girl, aren't you? Have a nice day :)

Anonymous said...

What lovely, spring like wall hangings and cushion covers. very inspiring.
I always admire the Japonica when I am in Sparta at this time of year

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