Monday, February 25, 2013

DIY quilting table

I have made my basement into a patchwork studio and I love to work there. My work surface is 2.50 m long, which is really nice, but it is only 0.80 m wide. That's enough for small sewing projects, like the bags I make, but for quilts it is to narrow. As I got tired from laying out the quilts on one of the bedroom floors and bending all the time, I searched the internet for quilting tables.
There is no space for a table in the basement, so I have to put it in a bedroom. That means I have to be able to put it away when I need the room for my daughters and friends to sleep. This "official" tables are quite expensive, but I found a nice DIY idea.

I bought two pieces of insulation material, the blue one, they use in building projects. Now I have to buy two cheap folding tables which I will use as the legs.
I used an office desk, and a table with some books on it, to try out the idea. And here is the result! Not bad, isn't it?
I bought the 3 cm insulation, because I thought that was enough, but this material is very light and it would have been better if I had bought the thicker one. Next time! On top of it I put some vinyl, the one they sell per meter in the supermarket. I can easily take the "table" apart and store it under a bed.

I must say that it is a bit fragile, you couldn't put something heavy on it, but just to lay out projects and cut big pieces of material it is great.
Yesterday I finished the quilt, laying on the table. Now I have to take some pictures and show it to you. I love the elephant material, which I ordered via Amazon.


  1. Oh I'm so jealous about your studio!!!!I lay my quilts on the floor of my living room and I quilt on my kitchen's a miracle we haven;t yet swallowed any pins....

  2. Dat heb je allemaal goed bedacht. Het is al heerlijk dat je een eigen plek hebt waar je bezig kunt zijn met al je naaiwerk en nu heb je dus ook iets gecreëerd waar je grote werkstukken kunt behandelen.
    De stof met de olifanten vind ik schitterend. De hele combinatie van stoffen is heel mooi. Wat is het toch leuk dat ik zo maar bij je kan kijken in het verre Griekenland. Dat het allemaal mogelijk is...
    Fijne dag en groeten van Willemien.

  3. Handig gemaakt, zo'n provisorische quilttafel. Mooie kleuren en de olifantjes stof is schattig.

  4. παντα θαυμαζα οσους ασχολουντα με το patchwork ! μου φαινεται αρκετα δυσκολο!!!και αυτο που εφτιαξες εξαιρετικο!!!

  5. A very clever idea you had, my dear Ada!!!
    I look forward to seeing your new creations !

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