Thursday, November 15, 2012

Patchwork backpacks

The Quilt Exhibition had a nice coverage in the local media. Maybe we can do it again next year!
Now it is time to start making the Christmas stuff. I made already a quilted Christmas tree for a friend, who is going to use it to make an advents calender. I can't show it yet because it is still on my camera and not yet on the computer.
Just before the exhibition I made two backpacks.

The moment my friend, who ordered this one, saw the bag, she said:" Oh, my daughter is going to take it!!".
She wanted a backpack that isn't too big to take with her to the gym. But.... she lost it to her daughter. Have to make another one now!.

The weather here is still warm and it still didn't rain!!! 4 months now with only one thunderstorm with some rain. Maybe today the rain will start, because it is all cloudy. Yesterday it was a blue sky and at midday a temperature from 23 degrees.
Lovely autumn weather. Nice to go for a walk in the mountains and with this bag on your back, you're one with nature!
The colours are brighter than shown in the picture.

The other one is made with fabric with a postal print. This one is also meant to take to the gym. The two bag owners are friends and go the same gym. The lady who has this bag also has a daughter and said the same thing: " Oh, she will take it". I didn't talk to her yet, so I don't know yet  what happened there!

Ok, back to work now! I've started Christmas table runners. 


  1. Hello Ada what beautiful bags you have made I am wishing one day to make a go at it I am still making quilt tops to quilt on my quilt table I love the postal print did you get it from Joanns while in the U.S. ? I have my follow button back now also I checked after seeing yours and there it was like magic . take care and happy crafting Theodora

    1. Hi Theodora, As a matter of fact I got the postal print fabric in Athens, in one of those shops around the little church at the end of Ermou. Success with your tops. Ada

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  3. De rugzakjes vind ik echt te gek, ben ook benieuwd naar je kerstlopers. En....ik ben wel een beetje jaloers op "het lekker warme weer", het is hier somber, kil en nat.
    Groeten, Janneke

  4. Wat een prachtige rugzakjes. Kan me voorstellen dat dochters die van moeders inpikken..... Mooi materiaal en je presenteert je gemaakte dingen zo leuk.
    Hier heeft het meer dan genoeg geregend.. de afgelopen week was het gelukkig niet zo nat, maar de grond is nog doornat. Voor de boeren is het moeilijk om te oogsten; de machines zakken weg in de modder.
    Nou ja, bij de één te droog en bij de ander te nat... het is zoals het is.. de natuur valt niet te regelen.
    Succes bij het maken van je Kerst loper(s). Groeten van Willemien.

  5. Erg leuk, de rugzakjes! En het weer...zou best even de warme zon op mijn wangen willen voelen.....

  6. Your bags are so pretty! No wonder why the daughters pick them from their mothers !!!!!
    I am sure your Christmas runners will be fantastic!
    I wish you lovely week-end!

  7. Thank you Ada for putting up a picture of the beautiful bag you made for me to take to the gym. Unfortunately for me I never had a chance to take it to the gym because my daughter loved it the minute she saw it. But this will give me a chance to have you make me a new one. Good luck with your patchwork.

  8. Πολύ όμορφα τα σακκίδια Ada μου!!!!Τα υφάσματα υπέροχα και τα χρώματα σνδυασμένα!!! Η δουλειά σου άψογη!!Καλή συνέχεια στις χριστουγεννιάτικες δημιουργίες!!Φιλιά!!

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