Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Batik tote bag, garden and cats

I'm just back from a 3-week family visit to the States. I had a great time and am ready to start work full force! At least that was what I thought! My back played up and now I'm doing everything in slow motion. So, instead of working in the garden, doing the spring cleaning, I got someone to do it for me. The garden looks nice; this fresh light green colour of new leaves, yellow and white flowers. Bees, and unfortunately also wasps, zooming around, white butterflies going from one flower to the other.

.The blue of the Wisteria looks great. It grows very quickly and is climbing  into my orange trees.

The cats enjoy chasing small lizards, but need a rest every now and then, as cats do. They love lazing in the glorious sun.

I've also done some sewing in the meantime. This batik tote bag, with pockets inside for keys, cell phone and other items. 

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