Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Baby quilts

It's unusually cold here in Sparta. Time to be inside, put on some warm clothes, and get some more blankets out. This week we are going to have frost! I picked quite some oranges and mandarines from the trees in my garden, because a few days of frost will damage them and that would be a pity.  Some of my plants in the garden look already damaged by the cold weather. But.... when spring comes they will come up again because they have strong roots. They're survivers!

So, I don't have to work in the garden, that means lot of time for sewing. I finished a quilt for a baby bed, some rolls to put in front of doors, stopping the draught from coming in, and washed a lot of material that I bought from a shop which is closing down. Some nice vintage material.

Some baby quilts

Flopsy was very curious , had to smell, then turned around as to say:" Now what is this??"

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