Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Where to start?

I'm Ada and I'm very new to this. I just started this blog and shall see where it leads me.

I live, with my husband, in a small cottage style house in Greece, with a rather large garden for a house in the centre of  town.  My joy is to dig in the soil, plant, replant, prune and just be in the midst of nature, arounded by buzzing bees and wasps(!), caterpillars and butterflies. And of course my cat Flopsy, who follows me wherever I go. Flopsy is a champion catcher of grashoppers, lizards and every now and then a mouse. He tries, together with me,  to keep the garden in balance. We're organic gardeners and I just bought a book about companion planting for the vegetable garden. I realize I have to do some redesigning, next season! This all needs some study.

My second hobby is making patchwork items. About a year ago I made two quilts for the beds in my house. I used old materials, as well as new, and some pieces from white-on-white embroidered pillows covers that my mother-in-law made for her dowry. My friens loved them and told me to start a business.
My next project was, making a patchwork bag for myself. Since then I haven't stopped making bags. I love being busy with colours, designs, different structures of materials, making nice compostions.

Enough for today. It's watering time in the garden!

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