Sunday, June 11, 2017

The weather is a bit unstable. Sun in the mornings, rain and thunderstorms in the afternoons. This morning I worked in the garden under a cloudy sky, which was great. If the sun was shining I would have had to go inside much earlier. And, my o my, does this garden needs work! It is terribly neglected for some months now! 

After a nice meal, stuffed tomatoes, peppers and aubergines, made by my husband, I had a little nap and now I am ready for the afternoon/evening program! I am going to visit the official opening of an exhibition of drawings, made by elementary school children. Hope it stays dry until then!

We worked hard last week at A & B Creating, trying to get ready for the official opening. Barbara, except from necklaces she makes from fabric beads, also makes wire sculptures. I didn't, though, manage yet to make proper pictures of those. 

I am working on beach bags at the moment. Nice presents for a summer holiday. And....Greece is one of the best countries to enjoy your summer!!

I work a lot with fabrics I buy in secondhand stores, like the above beach scene. I love to search for nice vintage materials and make projects with them, like this mini quilt for a baby's stroller, car seat or basket. 

Time to start getting ready to go to the exhibition. Next time my beach will be ready to be shown!


  1. Ada, if you come back to Greece this summer, bring a lot of handmade beach bags! These are really lovely presents for such a sunny country!

  2. Ada, I just saw in your profile that you already live in Greece!!! My previous message is so funny!

    1. I live already for a very long time in Sparti!
      Making quite some beach bags at the moment. Saw that you made a real nice messenger bag!

  3. Dearest Ada,
    Oh my, do I understand your writing about one part getting neglected! There just aren't enough hours in a day to do it all!
    Thanks for husbands that are willing to help out in the kitchen at times.
    Love your lavender, we cannot grow any here, due to the heat.
    Love the wire sculpture, bird and indeed tricky for styling those!
    Sending you hugs,