Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A & B Creating

It takes a lot of time to set up a business! First you have all the paperwork! I don't know about other countries, but in Greece it takes ages!!! Especially now that we are under European control and there are all kind of special rules and regulations. It took us a month to open a simple business account in the bank! But... we finally made it. We are operational! A & B Creating (Ada & Barbara) is a fact. And now we are going to create!!!

We have lots of ideas, but only two pair of hands and 24 hours in a day!

 We assembled tables and chairs, bought lovely fabric for curtains, which I am going to sew tomorrow. They are 100% cotton and we were told that they shrink a lot, so better wash them first. They stayed for hours in the bathtub and, because we are on the first floor, we could easily hang them out to dry. 

I will make pictures of the rooms when the curtains are hanging. We have, of course a design wall and I brought all the stars, the members of the Quilting Bee Sparta made, from my house design wall to the new one. It took me nearly a day to pin all the separate stars again!! I had to buy new pins!!!

 A & B Creating is in a lovely spot, close to the church of Saint Nicholas. This picture is taken from our balcony. Lovely views from everywhere. Last week was cold and rainy, as you can see.

To cheer me up I got a very bright and lovely block from Maria Pappa. I am participating in the QAL with sea theme from the Hellenic Patchwork Guild. This block is the March one.

The February block was also bright and nostalgic. Made by Katerina Ioannou .I have no idea how many paper boats I have made in my life!!

My March one is nearly ready. In February I made a mama and baby fish.

There are also still Christmas blocks to be made. The Have a Jolly Little Christmas QAL. Maybe I start tonight! I really need more hours in a day!



  1. Καλή αρχή στο νέο σας ξεκίνημα και πάντα επιτυχίες!

  2. Dearest Ada,
    Yes, here in the USA it also takes a lot of work, time and money for starting a LEGAL business. I just did renew my business license for Mariette's Back to Basics LLC this week. But I'm hoping to sell out within a year...
    I've started in 2009 and we did not anticipate that next year I would be paralyzed and Pieter would need open heart surgery... But as life goes on, we make the best out of everything.
    To me it is absolutely clear that I have to get out of it and spend the final years with Pieter together; God granting us some more.
    It is a lot of work and also each year the tax season... I dread that!
    But wishing you and Barbara a very successful business time and indeed, my only complaint always has been the lack of time for doing it all!!!
    Sending you blessings,